Switchback 6600 CE Power Supply

Switchback Power Supply by Solid State Cooling SystemsThis bipolar current-controlled power supply has been optimized for use with our thermoelectric heat exchanger.

Current Customer Applications

  • Paired with Cleanstream of Terraview thermoelectric heat exchangers to control temperature of a wide range of aqueous, ultra-high purity or corrosive solutions and liquid chemicals, including Fluorinert, Galden and HFE
  • Semiconductor processing

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Why choose the Switchback Power Supply?

  • This field-hardened, very compact power supply is perfectly suited to power the Cleanstream or Terraview heat exchanger
  • Bipolar output allows thermoelectric heat exchangers to both cool and heat
  • Meets CE Mark, Semi S2-0200 safety specifications
  • Variable output current ranges from 0-6 to 0-30 amps at voltages up to 230 VDC
  • Integrated phase monitor and current rate limiter for reliable thermoelectric lifetime.



12.75 (plus two 1" mounting flanges) x 5 x 10.5"
32.4 cm (plus two 2.5 cm mounting flanges) x 12.7 x 26.7 cm)

Switchback Power Supply by Solid State Cooling Systems
Switchback 6600 CE Power Supply, rear perspective.


Options Purpose
Input Power: 200-240 VAC (±5%), 3-phase 22 amps, 50 or 60 Hz, 3-wire plus ground
Output Power: 0-230 VDC, 0-30 amps, current controlled.
Dimensions: 12.75" (plus two 1" mounting flanges) x 5" x 10.5", 32.4 cm (plus two 2.5 cm mounting flanges) x 12.7 x 26.7 cm
Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
Options: 5 or 30 mA GFCI
Dual 4-20 mA input
Warranty: 2 Years
Input Power: 200-380 (±5%) VAC, 3-phase, 22 amps at 200 VAC, 11 amps at 400 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 3-wire plus ground
Line Filtering: Integral line filter meets CE conducted emissions requirement
Rated Capacity: 6.9 kW
Output Current: 0-30 amps
Output Voltage: 0-230 VDC
Output Current Control Range: Maximum output current (IMAX) is dipswitch adjustable from 6 to 30A.
Output Voltage Limit: Maximum output voltage (VMAX) is dipswitch adjustable from 14 to 230 VDC.
Non-isolated Output: The power supply output is not isolated from the AC input. The output must not be connected to secondary referenced circuitry.  Input voltage must be disconnected to prevent hazardous potentials from appearing at the output. DC control and logic circuits are isolated from the AC line and DC output.
Voltage Ripple: <2.5 volts for 0-50 VDC; <5% for 50-220 VDC
Regulation: <5% of actual output current
Control Band Width: The current control loop bandwidth varies with the load resistance (RLOAD) by the following relationship: Bandwidth = 5288/RLOAD (HZ)
Transient Response: Output current will regulate within 10 milliseconds of a setpoint change or load transient of up to 50%
Operating Temperature: 0-40 °C, no derating
Operating Humidity: 0-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Cooling: External 4.69" fan (provided).  Leave >1" clearance around air intake and exhaust.
Control Signals: Output current proportional to 0-5 VDC input signal (0 VDC = 0 amps, 5 VDC = IMAX); current polarity reversed via TTL signal, On/Off via TTL signal.
Optional Control Signals: Dual 4-20 mA.  Normal polarity (cooling) output current proportional to input 1, reverse polarity (heating) output current proportional to input 2.  4 mA = 0 amps, 20 mA = IMAX
Fault Signal: A TTL high signal indicates normal operation. If a thermal shutdown or output stage overload occurs, a TTL signal low is produced.
Local/Remote Operation: Output current and polarity may be controlled via one of two sources: "remote" or "local"
Remote Sensing: A 0-5 VDC signal proportional to the output current at Imax/5 amps per volt, where Imax is the maximum output current setting
Over-current Protection: Automatic electronic current limiting is provided
Thermal Protection: Automatic shutdown when heat sink reaches 70 °C; automatic restart at 53 °C
Isolation: Can withstand a 3000 VDC Hipot with input and output terminals tied together
Courtesy Outputs: 12 VDC, 150 milliamps; 5 VDC, 20 milliamps

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