Cleanstream by Solid State Cooling SystemsThe Cleanstream thermoelectric heat exchanger is an "on-board" temperature control unit, which replaces a remote chiller. It directly cools the process fluid in wet bench applications. This ISO 14001 enabling technology eliminates all cooling chemicals and substantially reduces power consumption while providing precise, contamination-free control of high purity or corrosive fluids. Dramatic energy savings compared to freon-based chiller.

Solid State Cooling Systems

Cleanstream 550-H1500

Wide-Range  Temperature Control, Low Power, Perfect for R&D Chemical Baths

Cleanstream 800C

Near-Ambient Temperature Control, Well-Suited for HF Baths and Near-Ambient Electroplating Baths

Cleanstream 1100

Wide-Range Temperature Control for 5-30 Gallon Semiconductor Chemical Tanks

Cleanstream H3000

Liquid-Liquid In-Line Heater for High Temperature Baths (40-90°C), Well-Suited for Electroplating Baths Including Ni and Pd