Oasis (being renamed UC160-190)

The smallest recirculating chiller commercially available today. Precise temperature control, even near ambient. Reliable and quiet.

Oasis Three (being renamed T-Three)

Quiet precision and thermoelectric reliability in a compact package


Compact, reliable thermoelectric chiller available in several configurations to suit specific temperature control needs. ThermoCube is our most customizable chiller.


Rack-mounted recirculating chiller for laser, medical, biomedical and semiconductor use.


Onboard chiller replacement to control temperature of high purity or corrosive fluids precisely.

Power Supplies

Reliable power, precision temperature control and excellent energy-efficiency for custom products, Cleanstream and Terraview.

Cold Plates

For low pressure drop, for low or high flow rates, for low thermal resistance, or for high-efficiency applications

Electronic Design & Assembly Services

Let us help you with design, rapid prototyping and low volume production runs

Custom Systems

If you want to incorporate thermoelectric components into your specific form factor, we can design a custom system for you.