Semiconductor With 14 years experience working in the semiconductor industry, we are focused on solving the concerns of fabs and the problems caused by conventional compressor-based chillers: reliability, size, noise, first wafer effect, wafer-to-wafer consistency and power consumption. We offer products related to these semiconductor industry applications:

Wet benches – the Cleanstream is an “on-board” heat exchanger for precisely controlling the temperature of ultra-high purity or corrosive fluids.

Plasma etchers and plasma ashers – the 19” rack-mount ThermoRack chiller was designed specifically for poly, metal, and trans-ambient oxide dry etchers.

Metrology tools, dual beam SEM and other analytical techniques - the ThermoCube is a compact, quiet chiller that can precisely control the temperature of a fluid, and can be easily configured with numerous options, including a virtually vibration-free package.

Some related applications of our current customers:

  • Chemical baths and wet benches
  • Immersion lithography
  • Plasma etch
  • Plasma ash
  • Electrochemical plating
  • Dual beam SEM
  • Defect analysis
  • CMP
  • HDP CVD particle control
  • Edge bead grinding
  • Optics temperature control
  • Enclosure temperature control

Relevant products:

Low Flow LC Cold Plates

All-Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates with High Thermal Conductivity at Low Flow Rates up to 4 lpm (1 gpm)

Standard LC Cold Plates

All-Aluminum, Liquid Cold Plates for flow rates up to 22 lpm (6 gpm)

Large LCW Cold Plates

Large-area, All-Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates with Low-Pressure Drop and for High Heat Loads and flow rates up to 38 lpm (10 gpm)

High Flow LC Cold Plates

All-Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates for High Heat Loads and flow rates up to 45 lpm (12 gpm)

High Flow Brazed Plate Fin Cold Plates

For high heat load applications requiring extremely low thermal resistance and low pressure drops.

Cleanstream 550-H1500

Wide-Range  Temperature Control, Low Power, Perfect for R&D Chemical Baths

Small Liquid Cold Plates

Small (3.680" x 3.625"), low flow cold plate for small area heat loads

Embedded Copper Tube Cold Plates

Pressed-in copper tubing in aluminum cold plates for matching wetted metals with copper / brass systems.

Cleanstream 800C

Near-Ambient Temperature Control, Well-Suited for HF Baths and Near-Ambient Electroplating Baths

Cleanstream 1100

Wide-Range Temperature Control for 5-30 Gallon Semiconductor Chemical Tanks

Cleanstream H3000

Liquid-Liquid In-Line Heater for High Temperature Baths (40-90°C), Well-Suited for Electroplating Baths Including Ni and Pd

ThermoCube 200/300/400

Semi-custom with an extensive array of options

ThermoCube 300A/400A

For temperature control of compressed inert gases

ThermoCube 400L to 600L

Base liquid-cooled model with numerous options.

ThermoRack 1201

Optimized for semiconductor applications including plasma etch, plasma ash, and solar display manufacturing