Military and Defense

Military and Defense

For almost two decades, we have sold chillers, heat exchangers, cold plates and customized and specialty temperature control systems for military and defense applications directly to federal sites and to America's largest defense contractors.


We offer several families of compact, highly precise and reliable recirculating chillers. The soccer ball-sized ThermoCube is portable and can be configured with numerous options, including PAO fluid, whisper-quiet and virtually vibration-free packages. For applications with very limited space constraints, the Oasis chiller is the smallest recirculating chiller available today. We have also designed custom chillers with cooling capacities up to 1200 Watts.

Heat Exchangers

We offer our liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers, the Terraview all-aluminum thermoelectric heat exchanger and the Cleanstream all-PFA-wetted heat exchanger (for ultra-high purity or corrosive fluids) for cooling capacities up to 6500 Watts. These heat exchangers can also be customized to fit different space and performance specifications.

Cold Plates

We offer a line of high performance all-aluminum and nickel-coated liquid cold plates. We also design and build cold plates to meet unique customer specifications.

Some related applications of our current customers:

  • PAO temperature control
  • Inflight temperature control
  • At-sea analytical equipment
  • Drone laser temperature control
  • Customized chillers and temperature control systems
  • Guidance system temperature control
  • Electronics cooling
  • Compressed gas temperature control

Relevant products:

About Solid State Cooling Systems:

Solid State Cooling Systems designs and manufactures compact, highly precise, quality-built medical and biomedical chillers based on reliable, silent, efficient thermoelectric technology. We have 13 patents and continue to innovate and broaden our range of products. Our products are 80% more energy efficient and dramatically smaller than compressor-based chillers. This is because the inherent physical properties of thermoelectric technology yield very compact heat transfer designs that require very limited amounts of electric power to maintain temperature. (This is explained more fully in our Technical Info section.) A chiller manufactured by Solid State Cooling Systems has free domestic sales and technical support by phone with American technicians.

Made in America since 1994.

Low Flow LC Cold Plates

All-Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates with High Thermal Conductivity at Low Flow Rates up to 4 lpm (1 gpm)

Standard LC Cold Plates

All-Aluminum, Liquid Cold Plates for flow rates up to 22 lpm (6 gpm)

Large LCW Cold Plates

Large-area, All-Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates with Low-Pressure Drop and for High Heat Loads and flow rates up to 38 lpm (10 gpm)

High Flow LC Cold Plates

All-Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates for High Heat Loads and flow rates up to 45 lpm (12 gpm)

High Flow Brazed Plate Fin Cold Plates

For high heat load applications requiring extremely low thermal resistance and low pressure drops.

Small Liquid Cold Plates

Small (3.680" x 3.625"), low flow cold plate for small area heat loads

Embedded Copper Tube Cold Plates

Pressed-in copper tubing in aluminum cold plates for matching wetted metals with copper / brass systems.

Cleanstream 800C

Near-Ambient Temperature Control, Well-Suited for HF Baths and Near-Ambient Electroplating Baths

Oasis 160-190

Oasis is our smallest chiller so it integrates easily inside many enclosures. Universal power input for worldwide use

ThermoCube 200/300/400

Semi-custom with an extensive array of options

ThermoCube 300A/400A

For temperature control of compressed inert gases

ThermoCube 400L to 600L

Base liquid-cooled model with numerous options.

ThermoCube PAO

For aircraft hydraulic fluid (PAO)